The OST Party

Episode 12: Godzilla ‘98

May 22, 2019

This week's episode is all about 1998's Godzilla, the summer blockbuster that proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that size doesn't actually matter. You would be hard pressed to find a movie soundtrack more 1998 than Godzilla: The Album. Featuring the likes of The Wallflowers, Jamiroquai, and Ben Folds Five, the soundtrack to Roland Emmerich's epic disaster is chock full of radio-friendly 90s rock, and also the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy shouting over a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir".

And then there's the movie, which is everything wrong with blockbuster filmmaking distilled into two hours of stupid. We get into all of it this week, as well as holding a Godzilla scream-off, make up our own Godzilla-themed song lyrics, and discuss why there's never been a bad cover of David Bowie's "Heroes".



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